Custom Paper: Economic Globalization

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Custom Paper: Economic Globalization

Economic Globalization

The growth of this trend can be largely related to the Internet (digital capitalization) and economic globalization for increasing man’s access to tools, technology, and materials. Products may be designed anywhere, be manufactured in the same factories that leading brands use, and shipped anywhere in the world. A prosumer can design anything in his or her own home by ordering parts from any part of the world.

In spite of, the global economic challenges (global economic recession) that are facing the wealthy , as well as poor nations, the concept of free labor is slowly transforming itself into an unimaginable solution for the producers, as well as consumer.  The dynamism in the transfer, conceptualization and sharing of ideas and culture as a byproduct of a new form of globalization in the 21st century (especially in the developed nations) cannot be stopped by a political power. The world is increasing becoming liberal and more democratized.

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