Custom Paper: Employee Termination Plan

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Custom Paper: Employee Termination Plan

Having an employee termination plan is very important for an organization. The organization always strives as hard as possible to retain its employees. However, there are certain circumstances which usually force an organization to lay off its employees. Also, some employees may not be fit enough to hold their positions in the organization as they do not produce the quality of work that the organization requires.

When an organization is faced by such a situation where it has got to lay off some of its employees, there needs to be a right procedure in place to do this (Gordon, 2011). There are a number of steps in the plan I have in place for terminating employees in my organization as advised by the board. These steps are:

  • Where will the meeting between the employee and I be held
  • What time of the day and what day of the week will this meeting take place
  • How long will the meeting between the employee and I be
  • Who else will be present at the meeting
  • How will I arrive and leave the meeting
  • Where will the employee go when the meeting is done

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