Custom Paper: Global Economic Protests

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Custom Paper: Global Economic Protests

Global Economic Protests

In recent years, research has shown how influential and ingrained notions of fairness are to the process of peace-making. Spain’s protesters were justified to be indignant and anarchical during the recently ended global economic protests that threatened the existence of democratic governance. Ironically, there was a system in which the bankers were bailed out while those whom they preyed upon were left to solve their problems.

Worse, the bankers are now back at their desks, earning bonuses that amount to more than most workers is likely to earn in a lifetime. In fact, there is more criticism to these social injustices that is threatening to cause a state of anarchy in the developed countries as they face the emerging challenges of the global economic recession. It is apparent that the gap between the poor and the wealthy is continually widening, and social analysts argue that this could set a stage for unrest in the stable nations of the world.

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