Custom Paper: Health Insurance Premiums

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Custom Paper: Health Insurance Premiums

Health Insurance Premiums

The federal law has adversely affected the employees. To begin with, they have shared responsibility in the contribution to the health insurance premiums which have been increased. Every employee must obtain a health insurance policy. Even those in self-employment are required to take one. However, those employed and on a low-income payroll are exceptions (HeathReform.Gov, 2011).

This has resulted to a lot of funds payment to assist in the providence of affordable health care to everybody in general. Secondly, those who have self-employment will be able to purchase a health insurance through the state-based exchanges. They have an added advantage since there will be subsidies available to individual families with income levels between the 133 percent and 400 percent poverty level (HealthReform.Gov, 2011). The federal law has favorably considered those individual’s whom although they have self-employment, they still have a low income when compared to the number of dependants that there are in a family.

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