Custom Paper: Illiteracy Levels in America

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Custom Paper: Illiteracy Levels in America

Illiteracy Levels in America

Illiteracy levels in America have also significantly impacted the health care sector with a big number of patients being illiterate. The inability to read medical literature and prescription labels has resulted to an increased number of illiterate patients suffering from frequent health problems and complications due to lack of information.  For women who can barely read, cases of unwanted pregnancies are high since they lack the necessary information to help them make better choices. In such cases, a person would normally suffer from stress due to desperation.

The business sector has also been negatively impacted by illiteracy. Currently, most employers have reported difficulties in filling out middle-level positions due to lack of qualified personnel. Such jobs as bank tellers, clerical workers, nurses and paralegals are difficult to fill with the qualified personnel as reported by America’s largest job referral agency (Kozol). Most businesses have been forced to incur extra costs to correct the mistakes that have been done by functionally illiterate staff.

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