Custom Paper: Importance of Philosophy in Education

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Custom Paper: Importance of Philosophy in Education

Importance of Philosophy in Education

Conti feels strongly about the importance of philosophy in education. To him, philosophy helps an individual to think deeply about his beliefs and practices and ask questions which will help him to look at himself in a different way. Doing this, will furnish the individual with the knowledge he needs about his practices, which will lead to changes in his teaching structure.

In short, Conti seems to believe that philosophy in the field of education will help individuals to become better educators. Such an outlook by Conti is a positive one and should be encouraged in all fields of study. This is because students’ performance is a concern for the students themselves, the educators, parents and relatives, the concerned organization and the country as a whole. Consequently, if there is any way in which the teachers’ and students’ performance can be improved, then it should be adopted in as little time as possible.

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