Custom Paper: John F Kennedy Moon Speeches

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Custom Paper: John F Kennedy Moon Speeches

John F Kennedy Moon Speeches

John F Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th President in 1961. He suffered two cold wars in the early days of his tenure something that prompted him to make a decision that would later ignite a dream that would place America first in space technology and exploration. The following discourse is an analysis of the two speeches he made in 1961 and 1962 and what they meant to the American Nation.

Fifty years ago, four months into his presidency, President John F Kennedy delivered a speech before a joint session of Congress which jump started NASA’s Apollo program to take men to the moon. The Apollo program had earlier been conceived in 1960 after America’s Mercury program. It received little funding from the administration, and even President Kennedy had considered dismantling the program early in his presidency due to its costs. However, following the two defeats by their rival Soviet Union, Kennedy felt under pressure to demonstrate America’s superiority in leadership and technology.

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