Custom Paper: Law of the United States

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Custom Paper: Law of the United States

Law of the United States

According to the law of the United States, the interference with an existing law is a wrongful thing. This, however, occurs according to the nature of the interference. If the initial intent of the interference is so as to injure the party who loses the benefit of the contract, it is considered as wrong. It is also considered wrong if the intention of the interference is to benefit the party who interferes (Miller & Gaylord, 2010). These are the two important policy interests in wrongful interference of contracts.

However, despite the basis of these two policies, if at all the interference of the contract occurs as a result of the competition that has brewed between the two parties and at the will of the customers, it is not considered wrong in this case (Miller & Gaylord, 2010). Such a principle as this one is usually recognized and is known as the doctrine of the right of competition. If at all the customers ask for information from the other competitor on their own, it is considered that they are doing this out of their very own personal interests. Thus, the parties which give the advice to the other competitor’s customers are not liable for any breach of contract that takes place.

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