Custom Paper: Leadership in Recreation

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Custom Paper: Leadership in Recreation

Leadership in Recreation

Diversity is usually all about empowering the different people in the society (Debra, 2007). As a leader, it is very important to embrace diversity as one of the major qualities that one possesses. This would make the leader learn how to capitalize effectively on the strengths of the people that work under him.

Thus, by employing diversity in his actions, the leader will be in a very good position to be understanding, value and be able to make the best of the differences existing in each and every person. In order for a recreation leader to gain that competitive edge over the rest of the other organization companies, being diverse plays a very important role. It enables the leaders to be able to groom his team from just being groups to being teams which are very useful to the project being tackled. Every individual’s potential is brought out in full while playing a role for the team.

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