Custom Paper: What is a Literature Review

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Custom Paper: What is a Literature Review

What is a Literature Review

According to O’Grady K. & O’Grady J (2009), a literature review “is a comprehensive investigation of all the documents, publications, articles and books regarding a specific area of study”. A client’s corporate communications and that of a competitor or rival are important aspects of literature reviews. In the relationship between clients and designers, literature reviews enable the designer to gain an insight, history and familiarize with the corporate background of the client. A literature review on the client’s line of business also enables a designer to analyze competitors, and monitor market trends.

In the example, of the automobile manufacturing company that may require a project design, a literature review, through competitor analysis would reveal the strategies that have been adopted by competitors for their ventures to succeed. A literature review would also enable a designer to come up with weaknesses and strengths portrayed by competitors. For instance, a review may reveal that a competitor dominates a relatively small market share compared to the client. A review may also indicate that a competitor has been manufacturing fuel-efficient automobiles, which are preferable to the client’s high consumption vehicles.

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