Custom Paper: Major Defeats of Mongols

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Custom Paper: Major Defeats of Mongols

Although the Mongolian soldiers had many successes on the battleground and sieges, they faced a number of problems in their conquest and invasions. During the late years of their conquest, they suffered major defeats and in some regions like Syria, they were not able to hold onto the city for long. Their failure to capture and hold cities was mainly attributed to logistical problems where the countries conquered did not have the capacity to feed a large Mongol army.

The Mongols depended on their horses for transport. Due to lack of water and pasture, many of their horses died. As a result, the army’s movement was paralyzed. The harsh climatic conditions also took a toll on their animals leading to many of their deaths.  Although the Mongolian soldiers were physically fit and strong, many succumbed to diseases, parasites, heat, and humidity. The harsh climatic conditions in some regions made it impossible for the Mongol soldiers to proceed as some of them died along the way. The deaths of high ranking soldiers affected the chain of command in the military system, and as a result, the army was crippled (Korean history project).

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