Custom Paper: Mental Health Patients

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Custom Paper: Mental Health Patients

Mental Health Patients

Hann et al (2005) state in their study that there are numerous factors which, when followed, will help mental health patients to adhere to their outpatient care. It is important for these issues to be acted on before and after discharge to ensure that the patient does continue with outpatient services. These factors include such issues as being assigned an effective and interested case manager with whom the patient is in regular contact.

The case manager is in a position to encourage the patient to adhere to the prescribed regimen as well as following up on his involvement in outpatient care. Additionally, patients are more likely to utilize community- based care if they are provided with sufficient information regarding their medical condition and the medication they are to take as well as information about what actions they can take in a crisis situation. Moreover, it is essential for the patient to meet with his care team before he is discharged in order to discuss the said discharge, and what to do when they are out of the health institution. Counseling is also important and helps the patients to stick to their out- patient care, as is the involvement of family and friends in their care.

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