Custom Paper: Merit-Based Scholarships

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Custom Paper: Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarships

The arguments by those opposed to the merit-based scholarships need to be reviewed and corrected. Saying that the merit-based scholarships are a waste of civil money and resources is very wrong. These resources and money, in fact, go to a better cause when they help these children since that is the primary objective of any education institute.

Thus, by offering the scholarships, the money provided by the civil boards plays a more lucrative role. The claim that merit-based scholarships only benefits students who would have otherwise found their way into college also needs reviewing. In as much as these scholarships help the needy children most of the times, they are not just limited to them. Whether a student comes from a rich family or a middle-class family, as long as the student performs his best in school, he will get the scholarship. Thus, the scholarship is not limited to a certain group only.

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