Custom Paper: Four P Model of The Apple Company

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Custom Paper: Four P Model of The Apple Company

Four P Model of The Apple Company

The Apple Company will have to implement the Four P’s marketing strategy as they enter into the Qatar market. This being a new market for the Apple products, they will have to use all their resources if at all they are going to witness success in this market. The Consumers are very visual. They do like a lot of conveniences when they go out to purchase products (Warner, 2003).

Most of the consumers are most likely to be willing to pay more for a product which they feel offers them a wide range of features. These features also need to be stylish in order to appeal to their eyes. The Apple Company has already got an upper hand in this since their products are actually considered to be one of the most appealing products in the electronics market. However, despite their establishment of a trusted brand, marketing themselves in this Qatar market is not going to be an easy task. There will be the need for the implementation of very strategic marketing ideas (Warner, 2003).

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