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Custom Paper: The Mongol Soldiers

The Mongol Soldiers

The Mongolian soldiers used deception to attack and conquer sedentary cities along the silk roads. They had a reputation of being barbaric savages who would kill anyone who dared defied them. This reputation spread across the regions, and many people dreaded their invasion with many of them surrendering to their rule with less resistance. The Mongolians used terror to their advantage.

Every time they attacked a city, they offered the residents an opportunity to surrender and support the army with resources and supplies. Those who took the offer, their lives were spared, and their cities were not ransacked and destroyed. However, those who defied their rule were often killed savagely sparing only a few people who would spread terror in other regions. On the battle fronts, they would split up in groups especially when they were directly confronting the enemy. They would then use surprise attacks from different angles creating the impression that they were many in number.  Other techniques of psychological warfare used by the Mongols were faking retreat and using many scenarios to fake number superiority (Keegan, 2011). Often, they would use prisoners of war as human shields in sieges and battles, to protect themselves from the enemy a tactic called the kharash.

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