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Custom Paper: The Mongolian Empire

 The Mongolian Empire

The Mongol empire was the largest empire to have been formed in history. Under the leadership of Chinngis Khan, the Mongol tribes together with other nomadic tribes united to form the mightiest military organization that went on to conquer nearly all of Asia, the middle east, parts of eastern Europe and Mesopotamia. The Mongolian army had a reputation of being savages and barbaric as they destroyed great cities and killed anybody who dared defy their rule.

The success in the conquest and invasion of the Mongols under the leadership of Chinngis Khan was due to the highly organized and skilled military system. The military system was based on the foundations of the nomadic lifestyle where boys were trained from an early age to perfect their skills in horse riding and archery. Besides being excellent horse riders and archers, the Mongolians used technologies adapted from other cultures. At some point in their conquest, they incorporated foreigners in their command structure.

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