Custom Paper: Monopolistic Manipulation of Global Arena

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Custom Paper: Monopolistic Manipulation of Global Arena

Monopolistic Manipulation of Global Arena

There is no constitutional order that can regulate the monopolistic manipulation of the global arena by the wealthy nations as they did to the World Bank and the IMF. There is no cyber regulation to govern the democracy that is associated with this new era economy. Despite the connotations by pessimists that it is a plastic economy, any reasonable person in the modern world must take the challenges.

In the new neoliberal world, there are two forms of democracies; the democracy of labor and the social democracy. According to Dean, this new order consists of the hypothetical form of manpower that disguises itself as the working class and independently manages itself within the structures of capitalist production as manpower. At this point, capitalists’ social interest, which has already, eliminated the private, and egotistic expressions of unitary capitalists attempt to configure itself as a comprehensive, objective social interest. The basic models of humanitarian socialism are assumed as symbols of reunification. Indeed, the patriotism of common well-being in social production is the ultimate dream of the capitalist effort to cultivate solidarity (2005).

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