Custom Paper: The Morality Debate

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Custom Paper: The Morality Debate

The Morality Debate

To say that a certain act or omission is either good or bad (right or wrong) is a question of morality, ethics, value, and virtue. Consider the following: Where do we draw the line between a bad act and a good one? What is the basis of such assessment? Is that kind of judgment reasonable? Debate rages on as philosophers try to figure it out. Two philosophical schools emerge:

Duty-Based Ethics (Deontology) and Utilitarianism. Immanuel Kant endorsed his deontological ethics theory by arguing that desired effects do not justify the deed; a wrong act remains as such notwithstanding the motive of the actor. On the other hand, Jeremy Bentham sought to dispute Kant’s viewpoint arguing that morality is a complex concept that cannot be simplified to a simple ‘right or wrong’ evaluation criteria. The utilitarian principle, as envisioned by Bentham, is closely intertwined with Machiavelli’s theories on politics, governance and power (Mills 56).

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