Custom Paper: O’Neil’s Most Significant Contribution

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Custom Paper: O’Neil’s Most Significant Contribution

O Neil Most Significant Contribution

O’Neil’s most significant contribution is that he defines and introduces Christian citizenship as the manner through which Guatemalan neo-Pentecostals live in their city and state. His prime claim is “that neo-Pentecostal Christians in the City of Guatemala perform their citizenship through Christian doctrines and that these Christian doctrines make neo-Pentecostal residents of Guatemala into citizens (page. 3).

He explores this claim by examining four areas of ethnographic research: neo-Pentecostal churches in the City of Guatemala, with a close focus on the church ‘El Shaddai’ and its founding father, weekly small- groups associated with this church; the sermon, Web, and other texts written by the neo-Pentecostal churches; and discussions with non-Pentecostal leaders.

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