Custom Paper: Offering of Low Health Costs

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Custom Paper: Offering of Low Health Costs

Offering of Low Health Costs

The federal law has helped in the providence of affordable health care to all in America by offering of low health costs. However, the reasonable costs have not compromised the quality of health care services. The government has expanded the Medicaid eligibility up to 133 percent for the federal poverty level (Jill & John, 2010). Health insurance premiums have also been subsidized fairly for the people at 400 percent federal poverty level. This move is an indirect way of sharing of the health care funding in a manner that is affordable to the low-income earners (Jill & John, 2011).

Costs of drugs for patients whose medication requires high pharmacy needs for specialty drugs have their expenses cut down by the government by receiving a refund of $250 which began back in 2010 (Jill & John, 2010). This has improved the livelihood of each American since they can easily access health care without strenuous expenditure.

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