Custom Paper: Organizational Culture and Climate

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Custom Paper: Organizational Culture and Climate

There is a clear distinction between organizational culture and climate within the brigade. Culture is the foundation upon which the brigade is build. It develops over the longer term and consists of the values stated and implicit beliefs, norms and traditions that guide how the organization works. If the commander is an entrepreneur, the culture will be one that makes fast decisions, takes risks and likes to innovate.

Climate, on the other hand, is something more surface level and relates to about what it feels like to work in the brigade. Climate has more to do with the mood or prevailing atmosphere within the organization. It is prone to more short-term fluctuations and is determined by many factors, which include leadership, structure, rewards and recognition (Ashkanasy et al, 2010). The climate can affect decision making by the commander owing to an emotional variable climate. In addition, the mood and emotions of other leaders and staff would affect the emotion and working climate within the brigade.

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