Custom Paper: Output Devices of a Computer System

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Custom Paper: Output Devices of a Computer System

Output Devices of a Computer System

Output devices. These comprise devices such as the soft copy output devices (monitor, speakers, and light emitting diodes.

Learning Outcomes:

The learners will be provided with various outputs and will be expected to classify them either as soft-copy or hard-copy outputs.

Objectives (standards addressed):

By the end of the lesson the learner should be able to;

i.            Define  the  terms output devices,

ii.           Identify two main categories  of the out devices,(hard copy output devices and soft copy output devices )

Materials Needed:

The materials need are includes Writing materials (marker pens, ordinary pens and manila papers), demonstration charts, A computer (comprising of the hardware especially the input devices such as keyboard monitor, printer and  speakers).These materials will be used to demonstrate the process of data outputting using various output devices.

Procedure or Method of Instruction:


During the introduction, the learner will be asked questions. Such questions as;

  1. Define  the  term  output
  2. Differentiate between hard-copy and soft output devices
  3. Outline four examples of output devices

In the previous lesson, you were introduced to some of the components that make up a c scanning devices. However, during this lesson we shall focus on the output devices .Output devices are devices that used to display the result of a processing activity from a computer. This lesson will involve demonstration, answering questions as well as classroom discussions. During the practical activity, the learners will be expected to enter data using various keying devices as well as pointing devices and then display it out either inform hardcopy or softcopy.

Evaluation or Assessment:

During the evaluation, the students will be involved in group demonstrations, individual assessment through written and practical short test (ten minutes tests). These tests will be carried out during the learning process and students will be expected to submit their answers at the end of the lesson.

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