Custom Paper: Parents of Children who are ill

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Custom Paper: Parents of Children who are ill

Parents of Children who are ill

The second important need for the family is to have open lines of communication with the medical practitioners with regard to the child’s illness, health, any procedures or medications that may be required for the illness as well as any other information that may be deemed necessary (Brown et al, 2008). In their study, Brown and others state that parents of children who are ill want to be part of the decision-making process.

Their participation, the authors say, is directly linked to their satisfaction in the medical process.

While parents should make decisions for their children, ideally, adolescents should be involved in the process and left to decide on what they believe is right for themselves (Brown et al, 2008). Actively involving the adolescent in this way will ensure his satisfaction, which will in turn help him to adhere to his discharge instructions as he will own them, having been a part of the decision- making process.

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