Custom Paper: Parents as Primary Caregivers

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Custom Paper: Parents as Primary Caregivers

Parents as Primary Caregivers

Millions of children are taken to hospitals every year with different complaints, which often determine their length of stay. For example, there are those who seek medical services for flu or common colds. As well, many have acute and chronic illnesses which will require them to stay within the hospital for a period of time.

Regardless of whether they are admitted, children and their families have needs which need to be addressed by medical practitioners to ensure the smooth recovery of the children and the well being of their families. While the needs are different in nature, they nevertheless determine the length of stay in the hospital, rehospitalization and the likelihood of seeking out emergency services (Shields, Pratt & Davis, 2008). Additionally, Commodari (2010) states that parents as primary caregivers usually spend huge amounts of time with children, meaning that when the children get ill, even with diseases which are not chronic, most parents usually experience a significant amount of stress, which is exacerbated by the child’s length of stay in the hospital. The stress experienced by the family usually worsens the conditions of the child. However, Greer et al (2008) state that when a hospital adequately addresses the needs of the family, then the level of stress goes down, a fact that helps in the quick recovery of the children (Commodari). Place an order to buy Custom Term Paper Parents as Primary Caregivers.

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