Term Paper: Patient Safety Management Strategy

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Term Paper: Patient Safety Management Strategy

Patient Safety Management Strategy

Improving patient safety management by reducing medication errors is critical in hospitals today.  Strategic plans are, therefore, being implemented to accommodate new technologies in an effort to reduce medication error and the adverse drug reactions that result from the errors. Langley Mason Health center is a public health care hospital located in North Reno County, in the State of Nevada. It the largest public health care center in Nevada serving seven different communities.

In anticipation of the expected increase in patient population, the hospital aims to expand the facility and has come up with a strategic plan on how to carry out the expansion in a given time frame. This essay looks at the two approaches proposed by the two directors, chief information officer Dr. Marilyn Moore and pharmacy director, Paul Robinson and analyses the pros and cons of the both approaches. The essay also looks at ways in which the two parties can come to a consensus without putting the patient health at risk.

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