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Custom Paper: Perceptual Illusion

Perceptual Illusion

What is the origin of your point of view?

A real seeker of the truth understands that there can never be only one angle of looking at an issue that is under investigation. Despite what one has seen or has been told, there always exists a second perspective. This is the perspective given by the second party on the issue. It could be a different person’s view on the subject or information about the issue which had been documented before (Broughton, 2010). Under no circumstances can there be a single similar view about an issue from several people. Thus, because of our understanding of the different perspectives that exist about the things that go on around us, we have to put everything in doubt if at all we are to find the truth.

What is an example of your point of view?

An example of an issue that raises a lot of doubts is how the police department solves a murder case. In talking about doubt, Descartes highlighted the issue of perceptual illusion. By this, he sought to clarify that” things are not always just as they seem at first glance to be” (Broughton, 2003). Descartes argues that we are not supposed to put all our trust in the perception we have about an issue. Going back to my initial example of how the police solve murder cases, the issues of perceptual illusion plays a very big role in digging up the truth about a case.

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