Custom Paper: Post Care Interventions

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Custom Paper: Post Care Interventions

Post Care Interventions

Visitation from outpatient services health practitioners may also be relevant during an inpatient stay to assess whether the patient may require case management the following discharge. On the day of discharge, the medical practitioner arranges outpatient follow-up appointments and support services such as community support groups.

Post care interventions are normally carried out after discharge. It involves simple measures as a phone call follow up from the clinicians, contact with outpatient caregivers and patient support. Early contact of the patient with the outpatient health practitioner makes it easier for the patient to make the transition.  Proper pre-interventions have the capability to improve the quality of life of the patient once they are discharged from the hospital. The main mode of communication between hospital care team and aftercare providers is the discharge summary. A discharge summary includes the patient medical condition, the outcome of hospital stay, treatment test that were done and pending, treatment follow-up appointments, how needs for care should be met among others. It provides the necessary information required by the after caregivers to manage the patient effectively (Wong et al 2011).

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