Custom Paper: Reducing Child Abuse and Neglect

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Custom Paper: Reducing Child Abuse and Neglect

Reducing Child Abuse and Neglect

Strengthening Families through Early Care and Education is a strategy to reduce child abuse and neglect – but its impacts are much larger than that. The approach uses early childhood programs’ everyday activities to build “protective factor” around children and families. Currently, the Strengthening Families approach is being applied in 36 states. Although Strengthening Families was developed in early care and education programs, partners such as child welfare departments and others in a variety of settings working with different populations are exploring ways to apply the approach.

With support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the  center for the study of social policy identified five protective factors that research has shown are central to reducing child abuse and neglect. They are: Parental Resilience; Social Connections; Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development; Concrete Support in Times of Need; Healthy Social and Emotional Development of Children. While the key to reducing child abuse and neglect, these same factors also are vital to improving child health and social development, child educational success, child mental health, and family health and development. In short, these factors enhance both child and family resiliency and healthy development and readiness for success in school.

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