Custom Paper: Reengineering in Business Processes

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Custom Paper: Reengineering in Business Processes

Re-engineering in Business Processes

The term reengineering was introduced into the business world in 1993 by two authors, Michel Hammer and James Champy. In their book, the two authors have defines reengineering as a fundamental rethinking of business processes that involves radical redesigning aimed at making the business attain dramatic improvements in the measures of its performance (Hammer, p.12).

There are three basic elements of re-engineering. These three are the process focus, the management of change and risk and the documented improvement (Hammer, p. 50). Each one of these elements has got its own characteristics and role to play in re-engineering. The process focused element usually looks systematically into the activities which are linked together in functioning to make a set of processes that are executed by a specific program. The managing change and risk element looks into the changes and transitions that need to occur in a process in order for it to be improved. The last element of re-engineering is the document improvement. This takes into consideration the speed at which we forget things while implementing processes.

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