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Custom Paper: Relative Poverty

Relative Poverty

On the other hand, relative poverty refers to the situation in which a person lacks the necessary resources to enable them to lead a normal and desirable life that exist within a given society at a given time. For instance, if a person cannot afford to acquire a cooked meal then he or she is not entirely poor they are certainly in relative poverty. There are three theories of poverty: the socialist or the Marxists theory, individualistic theory and cultural theory (Jordan (1996).

Individualistic school of thought believes that the causes of poverty and inequality are rooted within individual’s failure to one way or another. Individualistic theorists were extremely popular in the 19th century; however, they are still common in the present-day world. Proponents of this theory argue that the poor should take up the challenge and work so, as to eliminate poverty. The basis of the individualistic theory of poverty is the morality of the individual that is believed to be causing poverty.

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