Custom Paper: The Rise in Global Inequality

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Custom Paper: The Rise in Global Inequality

The Rise in Global Inequality

The rise in global inequality is the product of a vicious circle, where the rich rent-seekers use their economic might to form legislation that are meant to protect and increase their wealth and their entrepreneurial influence. On the other hand, citizens continue to suffer as their governments increase taxation on essential commodities.

The Preamble to the UN Charter clearly stipulates that the global body was founded to prevent and resolve international conflicts and help inculcate a culture of peace and tranquility in the world. This charter guides the UN in its endeavor to achieve peace in the world. The question as to whether the UN has the capacity to deal with the obligation of building a culture of peace is an anticipation of criticisms. The process begins with the evaluation of successes of the global body has achieved over the years against its failure. These goals are reflected in the different agencies, departments and programs of the United Nations such as.

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