Custom Paper: Risks and Benefits Associated with Contracting

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Custom Paper: Risks and Benefits Associated with Contracting

Risks and Benefits Associated with Contracting

Military contracting requires a risk based approach that evaluates the risks and benefits associated with contracting. Assessing the risks helps to avoid unnecessary risks as well as assess the financial benefits involved. Some of the risks involved with contracting include the influence that the military contractors may have on the military in terms of complying with rules and policy guidelines.

The organization of command and protocol followed in militaries may be challenged by military contractors and may influence the enlisted soldiers negatively. In such cases, the likelihood of the mission being undermined are high, and the mission may not be successful. This issue has been raised recently in the conflicts in Iraq, and Afghanistan. The United States military has been using private firms’ military contractors in these countries to transport convoys, protect individuals, buildings among other things. However, the goal of the mission in these countries has seriously been compromised with such accusations as shooting civilians, use of excessive force, disrespecting natives’ beliefs and customs being raised and receiving much media attention. As a result, the department of defense has had to review its contractor oversight management and has taken steps to ensure some of these issues are minimized in the future (Schwartz, 2010).

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