Custom Paper: What does Russell say of philosophy

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Custom Paper: What does Russell say of philosophy

What does Russell say of philosophy?

Philosophy is a reflexive question in the threefold sense.  It talks about philosophy, it is brought up by philosophers themselves and it represents an old and difficult philosophical problem.

2. In deciding what it is, we want to know, what should be applied?

We should answer the “what” and “why” questions. This will help us know what we are deciding on and why we are making the decision in that line of thought.

3. What might it be foolish to assume?

It is foolish to assume that everything in the universe happens in a certain specific order.

4. What must be considered when deciding whether or not a question is satisfactory?

The question will be considered as being satisfactory or not based on the facts behind the question. It must be a clear question defining all the scopes of doubt being questions and must be logical also.

5. What are the two points that we should bear in mind regarding questions?

We should bear in mind that man is always questioning. The questions asked are of different types and different opinions. Some are simple and casual, others are very difficult and complex, and others might even be mindboggling or obscure.

6. Are questions about clear-cut concrete entities more, or less likely to be verbal than questions about abstractions?

No. this is because the questions about clear-cut concrete entities are based on facts and are more direct. The abstract questions do not have hardcore facts and this is why they end up being more verbal in explaining what the question is about.

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