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Custom Paper: Sibylline Oracles

Sibylline Oracles

After discussing the book of Daniel, Collins then moves on to discuss the Oracles and Testaments in chapter 6. In this part of his book, Collins talks about the Sibylline Oracles. In this chapter, we get to see the oracles in their Hellenistic background. The author is keen to tell us about the key passages that emerged from the oracles.

As the author describes it, a sibyl was usually an ecstatic woman. She was famous for the way that she did give prophecies about the events that would occur in the future. There was also the testament literature. These ones, on the other hand, were very different. They were discourses which were given to an individual as he awaited imminent death. Thus, this literature took the form as that of a father addressing his sons. It was similar to when a leader did address his people when they were faced by a threat of imminent danger. The testament of Moses in the early 1st century and the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs are examples of this testament literature.

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