Custom Paper: New Technology in the Medical World

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Custom Paper: New Technology in the Medical World

New Technology in the Medical World

The introduction of new technology in the medical world has also played a huge role in the efforts to make the lives of the ageing population more comfortable medically. With the introduction of the new technology, these aged people can be remotely monitored from the comfort of their homes (Dr. McKneown, 2010).

This new technology enables the medical teams to keep in touch with their patients and be available to assist them at any time provided they call out for assistance via the designated telephone numbers. The distance between the social and health services is thus being reduced by the government in a bid to make the provision of medical care to these ageing people more efficient. There is a plan to make all the nursing and personal care to the aged people to be free in order to ensure that all of them benefit from this plan (Sherlock, p 762).

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