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Buy Custom Paper Test of Allelopathy

Test of Allelopathy

What is the danger of using seeds such as radish and mung bean which may not be found in the ecosystems of the allelopathic plants being tested?

Radish and mung seeds are the most preferred seedlings to use in the test of allelopathy because of their small size and they germinate rapidly. However, mung beans and radish seeds exudates toxic compounds after decomposition and they may cause autointoxication once they decompose.

How might knowledge about allelopathic chemicals be used to create natural herbicides and help to promote sustainable agriculture?

This natural occurrence of allelopathy can be used in agriculture to control weeds, pest management and disease control. The use of chemicals for crop protection has raised concerns over harmful pesticide residues in the soil and the resistance developed by the pest to these pesticides. Allelopathy provides a natural way of protecting plants without causing harm to the global ecosystem while effectively protecting the plants (Zeng, Mallik, Luo, 2008).

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