Custom Paper: The Unhealthy Meal

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Custom Paper: The Unhealthy Meal

The Unhealthy Meal

The unhealthy meal is high in calories, sodium, saturated fats, and Trans fats. Wendy’s burgers range in sizes each of which contains varied amounts of nutritional content. The double patty cheese hamburger contains high amounts of calories, fats, trans fats and sodium.

According  to Lalevich, a quarter-pound of a burger sold at Wendy’s contains 470 calories, 21 grams fat, 8g saturated fat, 1g trans fat and 880 milligrams sodium (2011). The nutritional content increases depending on the size of the burger which eventually becomes harmful to the person eating it. The French fries contain trans fats, high calories and high amounts of sodium.  Many people love bacon in their diet which has no nutritive value but contains high amounts of calories and fats. The vanilla frosty is high in sugars and soda contains high amounts of sugar. Continuous intake of such an unhealthy meal could cause serious health issues.

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