Custom Paper: Ways of Motivating Employees

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Custom Paper: Ways of Motivating Employees

Ways of Motivating Employees

Regardless of the origin of motivation, studies show that there are numerous ways of motivating employees which are effective. The simplest model of motivation is extrinsic, by providing financial rewards for work well done. These financial incentives can be given to a team or individual. Nevertheless, they encourage the employee to work harder as they have something to look forward to.

Kramarik (2008) in his article, ‘Motivating employees’ states that there is no right or wrong way or motivating employees as motivation is not, ‘… an exact science’. This means that there are numerous ways in which employees can be motivated and can be as unique as the employees themselves. Regardless of the method, he contends that motivated employees are happier; more satisfied with their work and are more hardworking.

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