Research Paper: Kennedy Ordered a Naval Blockade to Cuba

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Research Paper: Kennedy Ordered a Naval Blockade to Cuba

Kennedy Ordered a Naval Blockade to Cuba

In response to the Russians, Kennedy ordered a naval blockade to Cuba in an effort to stop any further weapons shipment to the island along with constant monitoring of the situation in Cuba.  He also warned the Soviets of retaliating in case the offensive missiles were launched from Cuba and demanded that the Soviets should remove all their missile weapons from Cuba.

As expected, the Russian leader misjudged this as a bluff from Kennedy and only reacted when Kennedy ordered military readiness for the imminent attack. The fact that Kennedy issued a warning to the Soviets, the Russian leader viewed the move as an opportunity to make a deal even though he knew beforehand that America had nuclear superiority and the Russians never stood a chance. He opened the channels of communication with a letter proposing to remove all offensive weapons in Cuba if the United States promised not to attack Cuba in the future. In a second letter, he demanded the removal of US missiles in Turkey although this was initially ignored.

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