Term Paper: Using a Cell Phone while Driving

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Term Paper: Using a Cell Phone while Driving

Using a Cell Phone while Driving

A large number of people never intend to speed (at times they are late for meetings or other commitments).  In Some cases, they just (for instance) get caught up in their favorite music and never realize that they had depressed the accelerator a bit too much. However, regardless of the intent, they are liable for the speeding ticket.

Another criminal offense which has been improving in pace gain using a cell phone while driving. The fact that a large number of children injured due to careless driving, many states and communities enacted laws which prohibit motorists from driving in a school zone while using cell phones. Indeed, when a motorist injures a child while going through a school zone and using a cell phone, he or she could be charged for negligently causing injuries to that child. Although, the motorist did not intend to injure the child, but rather his negligence caused the injury, he could still be criminally prosecuted.

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