Term Paper: American Developments in Space Exploration

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Term Paper: American Developments in Space Exploration

American Developments in Space Exploration

Recognizing the success and the head start the Soviet Union had in the recent years, Kennedy felt there was the need for the United States to assert itself as an international leader in the field of space technology and exploration. He believed that American had the resources and the talent required to send  man to the moon and that this move would not only benefit America economically, politically and technologically, but also improve the way the world viewed America as a country(Dallek, 31).

With the help of his top national adviser and that of his Vice president, he made a decision to accelerate existing developments in space exploration in order to be the first country to successfully take man on the moon and return him safely to earth. Although the Soviet Union had a whopping head start already, Kennedy knew that it would take them years to get to the moon. America stood a chance of being the first to achieve this. On the 25th May 1961, he presented a speech before a special joint session of Congress where he laid out national goals, which saw to, the start of America’s race to the moon.

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