Thesis Paper: Main points by Machiavelli on Morality

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Thesis Paper: Main points by Machiavelli on Morality

Main points by Machiavelli on Morality

1)      Morality is not ‘written in the stars.’ This is to say that sometimes there are mitigating circumstances during which the intended outcome rationalizes the choice of actions.

2)      The concept ‘the ends justifies the means’ emerges in Machiavelli’s political philosophy as stipulated in his discourses.

3)      When Machiavelli said ‘the ends justify the means’, he meant it as a guideline for dealing with extenuating circumstances where governmental power was involved.

4)      Determining whether an action – or inaction – is right or wrong remains one of the most challenging philosophical problems.

5)      The idea was intended to retain order and restore governmental control in the  face of extenuating circumstances. For instance, after the unprecedented 9/11 terrorist attacks, the government hurriedly enacted the Patriot Act in an attempt to ease the looming onslaught on the terrorists.

6)      In the face of crises, leaders, policy makers and law enforcement agencies may feel the need to bend a few laws with the aim of striking a compromise between the citizens and the government.

7)      The realist approach to power politics (real-politick) espouses Machiavelli’s theory. For instance, in the war against terror, suspected terrorist are rounded up in camps in Cuba, tortured and constantly deprived of sleep in the spirit that finding the terrorists is worth torturing a few innocent Middle Eastern people.

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