Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Setting

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Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Setting

Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Setting

Evidence- based practice is essential in any clinical setting and leads to change within the hospital. This essay shows how evidence- based practice brings change within an organization and how the change is managed. Thus, it uses two journal articles whose focus is on change initiated by evidence- based practice.

The first article is entitled, ‘Managing change in the nursing handover from traditional to bedside handover – a case study from Mauritius’. This article was selected because it gave a clear description of how evidence can be turned into practice in a clinical setting. Thus, the article stated that a gynecological hospital in Mauritius had found that the traditional handover method it had adopted was ineffective and came with numerous problems and dissatisfaction from the ward manager, the patients, and the nurses as well. When the observation was made, the researchers sought evidence of alternatives to the traditional method and the bedside handover was selected as it involved the patients in the process as well.

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