Review of the Movie Bourne Identity

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Review of the Movie Bourne Identity

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The movie follows Bourne through his journey around Europe which starts with the Swiss bank account number. When Mr. Bourne visits the bank he is surprised to see a lot of cash, passport forgeries, and a gun and after seeing all this he tries to search his memory for his past. From that point on the movie turns into a fast-paced action thriller because when policemen confront him he realizes he has an amazing hand to hand combat skills along with excellent wall climbing abilities. As he tries to recall his past he hires a woman named Marie to drive him to Paris so he can found out more about his past and all along the way they are faced with several challenges. Several flashbacks throughout the film provide hints of his past and his association with the CIA.

All in all, it is a good movie to watch and is the first movie of the Bourne trilogy which provided instant stardom to Matt Damon especially as an action hero. The movie keeps the watchers glued to the screen due to its fast pace and action sequences and Damon’s outstanding ability to connect emotional and physical acting has amplified the impact of his character as well as the movie. The movie is a must watch and was an instant blockbuster for a reason and the action sequences, stunts, visual graphics make the movie all the more enjoyable.

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