Term Paper: Categories of Apocalypses

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Term Paper: Categories of Apocalypses

Categories of Apocalypses

In the second chapter, Collins proceeds to break down the Apocalypses into two categories. He defines these two as the historical apocalypses and the otherworldly. Speaking about the historical apocalypses, Collins is keen to explain the composition of the historical Apocalypses.

He lists them down as Daniel, 4 Ezra, Jubilees, Apoc of Weeks and Animal Apocalypse. In describing the otherworldly apocalypses, on the other hand, Collins lists these as 3 Baruch, 2 Enoch, Similitudes, Astronomical Book and 1 Enoch 1-36. By placing these apocalypses into the two categories, Collins helps the reader to have a better understanding of the content that he is about to describe in the chapters that would follow. He bases the categories on the content and timing of the apocalypse as described in these books.

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