Term Paper: User Friendly Object Oriented Programming

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Term Paper: User Friendly Object Oriented Programming

User-Friendly Object Oriented Programming

This difference between a class and an object may appear subtle, but it is sufficient, bearing in mind that object oriented programming seeks to develop user friendly suites that must be unique in character, behavior and identity. Essentially, this analogous to visiting an architect or a planner to have a new house built. The first thing the architect will do is to develop plans for the house that will show all the rooms and views etc. Nonetheless, you cannot move into the plans and start living there. The plans must be followed to build that house in order to accomplish the need of the owner. The house signifies an object while the plans represent a class.

According to Ganesh, an event refers to the action of an application or user, such as pressing a key or mouse click that initiates an action related to an object (2008). Events can be seen as actions that can trigger the execution of a function, or instructions. These can be the actions of the mouse cursor such as mouse clicks or mouse movements, as well as keyboard actions such as pressed keys.

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