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Custom Paper: The Enactment of Fourteenth Amendment

The Enactment of Fourteenth Amendment The enactment of Fourteenth Amendment was a systematic means of granting humanity to the slaves. This amendment insisted that all persons – including the slaves – born on American soil would be automatic citizens of the United States. This was in response to the infamous Dred Scott decision that had…
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Research Paper: Criminal behavior of abused victims

Understanding the psychology of adults who were abused during their childhood is very important in knowing the causes of their criminal behavior. Sigmund Freud thought that much of people’s conscious behavior is determined by unconscious influences of which they are unaware. “A reaction from the over-estimation of the quality of consciousness becomes the indispensable preliminary…
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Territoriality Principles Of International Law

Territorial jurisdiction is the power of the state that affects persons, property, and conditions within its internationally recognized boundaries. This applies to their handling of criminal activities according to the laws of the land within their boundaries. However, these principles have been adapted to allow the authorities to operate and pursue wanted persons in another…
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Term Paper: Conflict between Laws and Human Rights

Conflict between Laws and Human Rights There was a conflict between enforcement of laws and protection of human rights and civil liberties since the state governments reserved monopoly in the legitimate use of force. The excesses of state power would, however, decline dramatically during the civil war years after South Carolina allied to other Southern…
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Term Paper: Procedural and Substantive Law

Procedural and Substantive Law The difference between procedural law and substantive law is that procedural law provides the process (procedure) that a case will follow (whether it goes to trial or not). The procedural law determines how court proceeding concerning the enforcement of the substantive law will take place. On the contrary, the substantive law describes…
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Custom Paper: Law of the United States

Law of the United States According to the law of the United States, the interference with an existing law is a wrongful thing. This, however, occurs according to the nature of the interference. If the initial intent of the interference is so as to injure the party who loses the benefit of the contract, it…
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Custom Paper: Criminal Law

Criminal Law In the history of the US, several definitions have described so as to ensure easy understanding of  criminal law. According to Hall, criminal law is a branch of law which deals with crimes (offences or omissions) which are committed against the public authority or state (2005). Criminal law is regulated by the states…
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Buy Custom Paper Child Care and Development Fund

Child Care and Development Fund I have researched and learned some very important facts about children and families relating to the Child Care and Development Fund.  I was inspired by the letter addressed to President Obama, written by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to learn more about this fund.

Academic Paper: Provisions of Common Law

Provisions of Common Law The common law stipulates that, the greater an employer’s control over the agent’s work, the more it is likely that the agent is an employee. However, if the employer has insignificant control over work of the agent relationship ceases to be considered an employer-employee agency. A second key consideration finds out,…
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