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Custom Paper: Four P Model of The Apple Company

Four P Model of The Apple Company The Apple Company will have to implement the Four P’s marketing strategy as they enter into the Qatar market. This being a new market for the Apple products, they will have to use all their resources if at all they are going to witness success in this market.…
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Custom Paper: Decline Sales of Sony Corporation

Decline Sales of Sony Corporation The declining sales and income reflect the decline in consumer awareness and satisfaction. The company’s releases’ failure to feature in the box office top ten has made the customers become dissatisfied with the services offered. Since Sony Pictures Entertainment is a subsidiary company of the broader Sony Corporation, attention is…
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Custom Paper: Decline in Sales of Sony Pictures

Decline in Sales of Sony Pictures Sony Pictures has been in the entertainment industry since 1991 after a series of mergers and acquisitions. Over the past few years, Sony pictures Entertainment company has been recording considerable decline in sales. The steady decline may be attributed to the stiff competition posed by rival companies, shifts in…
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Custom Paper: Computer Security

Computer Security In Computer Security, Rozenberger (2005) seeks to bring out security aspects of networks and protocols. In the introduction, he recognizes the dire need to embrace security measures since today’s world is primarily found on the internet and networking on a local and global scale. The relevance of computer security can, therefore, not be…
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Custom Paper: Capabilities of Hackers

Capabilities of Hackers A background overview of the history of intrusions reveals how catastrophic hacking is, and how it affects individuals, corporates government organizations. Rozenberger (2005), noted that, in 1983, a group of youths was arrested by gaining unauthorized access to government organizations in the USA. This amounted to hacking. The shocking thing is the…
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Custom Paper: Mobile computing and IP

Mobile computing and IP Mobile computing and IP is faced by a diverse range of challenges. In mobile IP, the home agent assumes the role of point of failure. Since all the packets sent to mobile devices originate from the home agent, the failure of the home agent translates to the failure of all the…
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Academic Paper: Project Ranger

Paper Project Ranger Project Ranger was responsible for providing up close images of the moon while project surveyor as the name suggests surveyed the moon surface to provide pictures of the moon surface as well as the chemical and mechanical composition of the moon soil. Lunar orbiter went a mile further to provide images of…
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Academic Paper: The Changing Trends of Digital Capitalism

The Changing Trends of Digital Capitalism The changing trends of digital capitalism often contradict distinctions between workers and authors more than they clarify them. For instance, digital workers are often the authors of content for the increasingly convergent and synergistically organized end markets of entertainment capitalism. However, authors whose rights have been thoroughly violated are…
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Custom Academic Paper: Technological Innovations in IT

Technological Innovations in IT Technological innovations in IT have enabled other industries, such as data transcription, software engineering and customer service centers to shift work around the globe. Institutions of higher education, as well as high-skill health care service providers, are also focusing on global outsourcing.