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Custom Paper: A World without Poverty

A world without Poverty The World Bank has the potential to deliver a world without poverty. Analysts believe that the global body is indeed instrumental in the fight against poverty. The dream that began about four decades ago, of creating a global economy that is driven by Bank’s structural adjustment program, demonstrates the institutions’ potential.…
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Custom Academic Paper: The Gay and Transgender Issue

The Gay and Transgender Issue Chapter 8 touches on a more sensitive subject; counselling addicted gay, lesbian and transgendered persons (Gerald & Virginia, 2005). The gay and transgender issue has brought about a lot of debates in the society already. The society (counsellors included) is divided when it comes to this issue (Gerald & Virginia,…
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Academic Paper: The Enigma of Sexist Discrimination

The Enigma of Sexist Discrimination By the year 1961, the percentage of women who were in the paid labor force had reached 30. By 1981, however, this percentage had gone up to 50 (Luxton, 2001). However, despite this growth in numbers in the labor force, the women movement still faced the enigma of sexist discrimination…
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Custom Academic Paper: Affects of Stereotyping

Effects of Stereotyping Studies reveal that people display aggressive and apprehensive behavior when subjected to stereotyping, closely related to prejudice. A popular example is the subjection of women to tackle a math test with the knowledge of the stereotype that women cannot do very well in math. After they are through with the test, they…
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