Dissertation: Biological Personality Traits

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Dissertation: Biological Personality Traits

Biological personality traits are consistent in life even when an individual is faced with various life experiences. In one way or another, they influence the personal choice of environmental experiences right from an early age. For instance, a child with temperamental characteristics such as high activity level tends to be jumpy, curious and may explore his environment more than a child who is biologically less active.

Among his peers, the active child may seem to grow rapidly and may evoke more attention from parents. This biological trait remains consistent throughout their lives and most of the time such children with high activity levels are more interested in high energy activities such as sports compared to less active children. Additionally, studies have shown that biological traits influence the degree to which a child interacts socially and forms relationships with other children. A child having a personality trait of an extrovert easily adapts to any environment and easily forms new relationships with other children. An introvert, however, may find it difficult to strike conversations in social settings (Jrank).

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